Nikole Willman, Occupational Therapist at Hudson Play in New York
Nikole Willman, MA. OTR/L
Nikole, co-owner of Hudson Play, is a highly regarded pediatric Occupational Therapist based in New York City. She has worked throughout NYC, New Jersey and Long Island in all areas of pediatric practice. She has extensive experience treating and consulting in a variety of settings including school districts, NYC Board of Education, NYC Early Intervention and private practice. Nikole has been recommended by prestigious private schools throughout NYC and has developed a reputation based on her caring and successful approach with children. She is known for her expertise in school based treatment, school readiness, early development, sensory integration, and school testing. She is very knowledgeable in combining multiple approaches and holistic techniques to meet goals.

Nikole uses specially selected toys and play activities to achieve goals and strengthen skills in all areas of development. She also works to develop a supportive relationship with parents and caregivers to set up activities throughout the week to enhance their skills through play. Children love her toy based approach to enhancing fine motor, handwriting, visual motor, visual perception, sequencing, strength, problem solving and overall developmental skills. Nikole’s experience allows her to determine the underlying basic skills that need to be reinforced to reach the child’s goals and maximize the child’s potential to succeed. She has mentored other Occupational Therapists, as well as worked as an assistant instructor in the New York University Post Professional Graduate program for Occupational Therapy. Nikole received a Bachelor of Arts from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester Massachusetts. She received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from New York University. Nikole currently resides in Long Island with her husband and three children. 

Vanessa DePersiis, Occupational Therapist at Hudson Play in New YorkVanessa DePersiis, MS. OTR/L
Vanessa, co-owner of Hudson Play,  is a well known licensed and registered Pediatric Occupational Therapist who has worked in both the public school and private practice settings throughout New York City. She has extensive experience working with children of all ages with varying abilities. She has a background in child development including areas of visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, cognitive skills (attention, memory, organization, planning and sequencing), fine and gross motor skills and social-emotional skills. In addition, Vanessa also specializes in working with children to improve test-taking skills to maximize performance for NYC private school entrance exams and NYC public school gifted and talented entrance exams.

Utilizing her background, Vanessa’s approach to working with children is through the use of games, puzzles and various activities in order to actively engage each child, making the learning experience fun. Vanessa enjoys working with each child and their families with the goal of building confidence and supporting the development of skills. She works collaboratively with each family to create an individualized curriculum in a fun and supportive learning environment. Vanessa graduated Cum Laude from the University of Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a minor in Psychology. She received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from New York University. Vanessa currently resides on Long Island with her husband.